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Copings stones and caps for walls

Copings and caps are not only essential and practical, but ensure your garden wall has an attractive, smart finish.  They do the important job of keeping dripping rainwater off the surface of your wall, and stop the build up of unsightly algae.  Larger, flat coping stones can double up as seating on low walls around patios.  Or think about choosing a coping stone in a contrasting colour to make a stronger design statement.  Many of our paving and walling ranges have matching coping stones and pillars in a range of colours: Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Coping Stones are very popular. If you're looking to top or add to an existing wall, we have Stonemarket's range of  Peaked Garden Wall Copings, coping stones in a range of sizes which are very handy.

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    Marshalls - Argent Textured Wall Coping Stones
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    Marshalls - Heritage Wall Coping Stones
    Marshalls - Heritage Wall Coping Stones
    Price from £684.00 £570.00
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    Marshalls - Sawn Versuro Coping Stones
    Marshalls - Sawn Versuro Coping Stones
    Price from £1,019.28 £849.40
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    Stonemarket - Avant Garde Natural Stone Garden Wall Copings
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    Marshalls Saxon Textured Wall Coping Stones - Buff