Looking for non-slip paving slabs?

If you want a family-friendly outdoor space, it's worth looking at paving with high slip-resistance. Slabs with anti-slip characteristics are also a good choice for shaded locations where there could be a build up of algae and moss. Coarse paving, textured paving and riven paving all have more grippy surfaces and are more likely to prevent the slips, trips and falls which make up the most common family accidents at home.

Different types of slip-resistant paving

Riven Paving - Stonemarket Marketstone Sandstone Paving in Sahara Multi
Riven Paving
Coarse Paving - Marshalls Argent Coarse Dark
Coarse Paving
Porcelain Paving - Stonemarket Fortuna in Brown
Porcelain Paving

Riven paving

Traditional hand-split paving slabs, made from slate or sandstone, have attractive riven surfaces created by the stone's natural layers. Riven paving has a slightly uneven surface, which makes it full of character and naturally more non-slip than some other designs. It's a classic hard landscaping material for cottage gardens, period flagstone entrances and stepping stones across borders.

Coarse or textured paving

Coarse paving slabs are manufactured slabs with grippy textured surfaces that don't have the irregularities of riven paving . Sometimes referred to as Textured Paving, these tough, robust garden slabs are made from crushed particles of natural stone, often granite. Coarse paving makes practical family patios and paths.

Smooth paving with high slip skid protection

If you're looking for a non-slip modern paving slab, the latest porcelain paving technology means you can now have contemporary smooth garden paving which offers great traction, even when wet.

Marshalls Indian Sandstone in Brown Multi
Marshalls Indian Sandstone in Brown Multi is a naturally riven paving

Naturally riven paving slabs for strong slip-resistance

Indian sandstone is your paving material of choice when it comes to beautiful, characterful riven paving. These slabs have been hand split from larger blocks of rock at the quarry face to reveal the natural stone layers created millions of years ago. They are then graded for their colour consistency and surface texture.

Marshalls Flamed Narias Sandstone is a stunning riven Indian sandstone with tonal variation and surface texture. This is an elegant natural stone that will create stylish entrances and a patio or terrace with a real wow factor.

Stonemarket Marketstone Riven Sandstone has great character and classic sandstone good looks. It's an entry level sandstone with attractive riven surfaces that complements cottage garden planting schemes and informal garden design.

Marshalls Flamed Narias
Marshalls Flamed Narias in Autumn Bronze
Stonemarket Marketstone Indian Sandstone in Autumn Multi
Stonemarket Marketstone Indian Sandstone in Autumn Multi

Anti-slip options: textured and coarse paving slabs

If riven paving isn't for you but you still want slip-resistant paving, look at designs that have a textured or coarse finish. These can be the best choice if your patio doubles as a play area for kids, or if you need to consider the mobility of family members.

Marshalls Argent Coarse Garden Paving is a very good looking, contemporary granite composite paving slab with excellent slip-resistance. It comes in two cool grey shades, five versatile slab sizes and has granite's characteristic quartz sparkle.

Ever popular is Marshalls Saxon Textured Garden Paving - like Argent, it's a functional, durable slab made with blend of natural stone. Saxon contains Yorkstone aggregates and has the look and feel of natural sandstone. Its textured surface is practical, hardwearing and non-slip, making it a great choice for back gardens UK wide.

Saxon slip-resistant slabs are available in four sizes to suit all kinds of landscaping projects.

Marshalls Argent Coarse Garden Paving
Marshalls Argent Paving made from real granite aggregate
Marshalls Saxon Textured Garden Paving in Buff
Marshalls Saxon Textured Garden Paving in Buff

Discover porcelain paving with excellent slip skid ratings

Are large smooth paving slabs more slippery? The answer is definitely no! Porcelain paving slabs are high performance outdoor paving tiles with great slip-resistance and will provide a safe anti-skid surface for your patio . The choice of colours and finishes is fantastic - anything from natural creamy sandstones, dramatic dark slates to exciting metallic and decorative mosaic finishes, allowing you to choose a contemporary paving design that suits both your style and need for a practical non-slip patio surface.

Good quality paving suitable for patios and paths can be tested to see how effective it is as a non-slip surface. Marshalls have published slip skid ratings for their porcelain paving to reassure you that despite its smooth surface appearance, it's a very safe outdoor patio slab. Marshalls Arrento Porcelain Paving comes in 595mm x 595mm smooth contemporary slabs with a riven pattern to its surface design - it's a great choice if you want something of the look of riven paving, but prefer porcelain's smooth finish.

Stonemarket Lucent Porcelain Paving has an authentic slate appearance and gently riven texture. Lucent is particularly attractive in Copper, with its blend of russet and gold tones, over a blue grey background and Blue offers a classic slate finish.

To really appreciate the exceptional choice in colour and finish porcelain offers you, visit our Marshalls Symphony page - they are the experts in practical, beautiful paving!

Marshalls Arrento Vitrified Porcelain Garden Paving in Silver
Marshalls Arrento Vitrified Porcelain Garden Paving in Silver
Stonemarket Lucent Vitrified Paving
Stonemarket Lucent Vitrified Paving in Copper

Why are porcelain tiles more slip-resistant than some other garden paving?

Porcelain is a non-porous material; moisture won’t penetrate the surface, which helps prevent any build-up of moss or algae. This makes outdoor porcelain tiles an excellent choice for more shaded areas where paving can become more slippy with algae growth. You can read more about porcelain paving in this article.

How paving slabs are rated for slip resistance

Paving slabs and outdoor tiles destined for domestic installation undergo an industry-specific test to establish their slip resistance rating. During a DIN 51130 Inclined Ramp Test for Shod Feet a ramp is wettened and gradually inclined more and more steeply to find the slipping angle of the tile or slab. The tester wears shoes with a standardised rubber sole during the process.

Slabs are rated from R8-12. Paving with R11 categorisation, and that includes all our Marshalls porcelain paving, offer increased friction and are suitable for external areas e.g. patios and paths.

Stonemarket Paleo Porcelain Vitrified Paving Slabs
Stonemarket Paleo Porcelain Vitrified Paving Slabs in Sienna

Setts and gravels: other options for slip-resistant landscaping

Rough or hewn natural stone setts, sometimes referred to as 'cropped', have an extremely grippy finish. Granite setts deliver a timeless look for any entrance, path or driveway, and offer superb slip-resistance in high traffic areas.

Flat-topped sawn sandstone setts have smooth and level faces. When laid as pavers for paths, borders and patios they make excellent slip-resistant hard landscaping.

Angular gravels make excellent surfaces for pathways and narrow passageways where there is little direct light - think about laying gravel as a non-slip option particularly where there is potential for algae build up or run off water tends to collect.

Marshalls - Split & Tumbled Natural Sandstone Setts
Driveway Paving & Setts
Long Rake Spar Rainbow Gravel
Decorative Stones

Will sealants make paving more slippery?

Sealants can sometimes affect the surface of slabs, especially when first applied. It does wear off, but there are some simple fixes to make your paving more slip-resistant if you are worried about the safety of anyone using your patio and paths.

You can mix a polymer/polyethylene grit into the liquid sealant before applying or scatter it onto the wet sealant so that it binds to the surface. You can also scatter a light coating of kiln dried jointing sand to roughen the surface of the sealant, and make it less slippy. Wondering whether you need to seal your paving slabs? : read our answer to this common FAQ.

Any queries? For more information on smooth and textured paving options, you might like to check out our blog on choosing Smooth or Textured Paving.

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