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Concrete block paving for driveways

Concrete block paving, engineered from reconstituted natural stone materials, is a smart option if you are planning a new driveway.  Supplied by UK leading manufacturers, Marshalls and Stonemarket, our concrete block paving is high quality, technically consistent and long-lasting.  We have a wide range of popular, tried and tested sizes, shapes and colours to meet your design and budget requirements.  Plan your unique driveway design by combining different colour options within a range and buy kerbstones to match.

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    Marshalls Driveline Priora Block Paving - Brindle
    Marshalls - Driveline Priora Block Paving
    Price from £464.40 £387.00
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    Marshalls Drivesett Argent Priora Block Paving - Dark and Light
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    Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Priora Block Paving - Pennant Grey and Traditional
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    Stonemarket - Permeapave Permeable Block Paving
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    Marshalls - Standard Concrete Block Paving
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    Stonemarket - Pavedrive Driveway Paviors
    Stonemarket - Pavedrive Driveway Paviors
    Price from £316.02 £263.35
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    Marshalls Drivesett Natrale Block Paving - Sand
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    Marshalls Driveline Metro - Light Grey. Dark Grey, Maroon and Rose
    Marshalls - Driveline Metro
    Price from £492.97 £410.81
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    Marshalls - Drivesys~Driveway System The Original Cobble
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    Marshalls - Drivesys~Patented Driveway System Riven
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    Stonemarket - Applesby Antique Driveway Paviors
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    Stonemarket - Avenu Smooth Driveway Block Paving